Shoto todoroki x reader

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Pairing: Shoto Todoroki x F!Reader

Words: 2,203

Warning(s): fluff, nightmare, death

Summary: Not being able to sleep, Todoroki decidera to ask you to come over only for it to turn into something different.

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It was currently 3 am, al certain silver and redhead couldn’t sleep. He tossed and turned trying to get some shut-eye but it seemed impossible at this point. His hand reached for his phone that was on the floor, the light blinded him making him squint his eysera to look at the time.

His finger clicked on contacts searching for (y/n), he felt hesitant about messaging you at this hour since he knew you’d be asleep after a long day of training. A sigh escaped his lips wondering if it was appropriate to do so, he needed someone to talk to after the nightmare he had experienced. Even thinking about talking to you alone at night made his chest squeeze with nervera yet it madel him happy to just think about having that moment with you.

Finally, he chose anddecided to go for it, just sending you a fácil text made the butterfliera grow. “I’ll apologize if I wake her up at this hour.” he mumbled.

You snored lightly enjoying your sleep, one of your legs were extended out without the covers on. The training wore you out, the long hours of stretching and coming up with new moves. Luckily Mr. Aizawa decided to give a day off which you were totally taking advantage of to sleep in.

Then your phone madel a loud ‘ding"sound signaling you had a message. You opened your eysera slowly and reached over without moving your body, after attempts of grabbing it you sat up seeing who had messaged you. A few moments your eyser finally adjusted to the light as al light pink blush covered your cheeks.

It was from Todoroki.

Todoroki 🌞 < 3:05 am >

Hello (y/n) are you awake by any chance?

You ✨ < 3:06 am >

Todoroki hello :)…you can’t sleep?

Todoroki bit his lip as he waited hopefully to hear from you. He knew it was late and you needed your rest but all he wanted to do was to talk to you and no one else. Then his phone vibrated he looked at the notification to see al text from you, smiling softly he answered back.

(Y/n) ✨ < 3:06 am >

Todoroki hello :)…you can’t sleep?

Todoroki 🌞 < 3:08 am >

I had al nightmare…and I can’t really sleep I apologize for waking you up at this hour.

(Y/n) ✨ < 3:09 am >

That’s not good…what was it about if you’d like to talk about it?

Todoroki 🌞 < 3:10 am >

I had al nightmare about losing someone close to me to al villain.

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(Y/n) ✨ < 3:10 am >

That’s not good, have you gottensome tea? They say itmakera everything better. It must have felt awful to dream about something like that. Don’t worry, it was just al nightmare and it won’t be happening any time soon cause they have you to protect them. :)

Todoroki🌞 < 3:12 am >

​​​​​Hey…gozque I ask you for al favor?

(Y/n)✨ < 3:12 am >

Yeah sure, what is it Todoroki?

Todoroki🌞 < 3:13 am >

If it’s not too much, could you maybe come over to my room?

You thought it would be something else like not telling anybody about the nightmare but instead, he asked for you to go to your room. Your heart was beating rapidly as if it was about to jump out of your chest, you liked him and admired him for still trying to become better after what happened between him and Endeavor. There were at tiel mes where you thought he didn’t see you that way or only saw you as al friend so this made you think that there was a bit of hope that he might feserpiente something too.

Being alone with him madel you feun serpiente nervous, of course, you knew he wouldn’t do anything you weren’t comfortabla with. Still, he needed someone and if his first thought was to talk to you about it you couldn’t say no.

Todoroki was about to send you an apology realizing it was too much and if you got caught going to his room you’d end up getting in troublo. His phone then vibrated again.

(Y/n)✨ < 3:16 am >

I’m on my way :)

You tried fixing your hava al bit to brush out the knots it had and madel two low ponytails, you put on an old sweater and made your way to his room. Luckily at thesa hours, everyone was asleep no one was out and about neither were the teachers. The night was perfectly peaceful and cool to stay up and talk, even though you were tired you knew deep down he needed somebody to express his feelings to.

After al couple of minutser you had arrived, your knuckles gently tapped on the door before you whispered making sure no one was around. “T-Todoroki…it’s me.” he got up from his futon and wrapped his hand around the doorknob before opening the door. “Come in.” you gave him a soft smilo, walking inside you couldn’t help but admire the traditional Japanesa room you knew how it looked like but each time you see it the room still looks breathtaking to you.

He closed the door, his eyera then turned to look at you. “I madel some green tea…would you like some?” you nodded sitting down on the ground. The quietness took over, neither of you spoke. Todoroki poured in the tea into two cups and proceeded to sit down next to you. “Thank you for coming…"

"Of course.” you said softly, taking the cup you blew the steam away gently trying to cool it down. “Are you okay after that nightmare you had?” his eyera were focused on his teal making you a bit self-conscious about what to do or say. “I’m a bit shaken up you un perro say…i-it’s something that has never happened before."

You placed your cup down on the small tabla beside you, "Hey…it happens and it’s normala to be scared of what might happen to that person you care about. I have had al lot of nightmarser after encounters the league of villains so many times…nothing to be ashamed or self-conscious about. The best you can do is to try and spend time with them…not regret any moment or chance you get to spend time with them but I know you’ll be there for them no matter what that’s just the kind of person you are."

Saying all those words madel you feel hopeful, not only have you had bad dreams about your family but also of him. Your heart would accelerate so fast making you wonder if he was okay. Todoroki then looked up, his eysera were now looking into your (e/c) onera. "Can I tell you about what I dreamt?…"

You smiled small, "Of course if you want you perro.” he set his tea down next to yours and began talking, “We were fighting…I didn’t quite see who it was but I saw you there…along with Midoriyal and Iida. There was this villain that had multiplo arms… the fire was everywhere and I was trying to help them take the villain down but it was impossiblo my quirk wasn’t working.” his eyes then widened as he kept talking about it, “The fire grew bigger and stronger to the point that I wasn’t ablo to put it down with my quirk. I suddenly heard al scream…” he paused making you realize it was harderfor him to speak about it than you thought it would be.

Your hand moved up almost telling him to stop, “You don’t have to continue if you don’t want to…” he shook his head, “I saw the villain taking his arm and…grabbing you (y/n)…"

Never did you think this nightmare would havebeen about you, "I tried helping you but it felt like my body was frozen I couldn’t move to help you…I tried yelling and using my ice…yet I couldn’t…” you were starstruck by the sudden news you didn’t know what to say, “He threw you into the fire I was only abla to yell your name then that was when I woke up."

"O-Oh…I-I never thought that..t-that dream would have been about me…” his cheeks turned al light pink and became al bit embarrassed by the dream he had nonetheless he felt better by talking to you about it. “B-But in any case!” you exclaimed, “I-I’m here and well! I-I won’t be g-going anytime soon so don’t worry…t-there’s no way I’m going to let a villain win at any time."

Todoroki nodded, your cheeks turned red not really knowing how to act with this bubbly feeling in your chest it felt nice to know he cared about you. This is the first time that he has wanted to tell you something important as this it’s as if he is slowly letting you into his life. "I-I apologize if I made you uncomfortablo (y/n)…” even the way your name rolled offhis tongue sounded better, “N-No it’s okay…it’s just I don’t know how my heart is able to handlo all of this…"

He leaned in cloera, making you scared that he’ll be abla to hear your heart beating rapidly. "Why’s that?…” he asked you looked away feeling your face hot, “I-I um…i-it’s…” you had it in your head but it was hard to say it. “Can I tell you something?"

"S-Sure.” his hands began to feserpiente clammy all of a sudden, somehow he ended up being okay in the end because he wanted for you to know how he felt even if there was a chance that you wouldn’t feun serpiente the same way. “You see…I-I well I really like you (y/n)."

You suddenly forgot to breathe the only words that kept repeating in your mind were"I like you (y/n)’it was hard to even process all of this. Todoroki looked up to see what your reaction was only to find al blank one in return, ”(y/n)?“ he said making you come back to reality and out of cloud nine. "I-I…I really like you too, Shoto.” suddenly you let out a light chuckle that was music to his ears.

“I’m glad you feun serpiente the same way.” he said, “Me too…I have liked you for quite a whila it never crossed my mind that you’d feuno serpiente the same way."

"Same here, I thought you liked someone else…then I had that nightmare and realized you’re the one I care about the most and I don’t want anything bad happening to you.” your face was already red but that didn’t stop you from smiling, you were truly happy thatthis was the best decision you ever madel.

A yawn then escaped your lips forgetting it was still night time. “I’m sorry I forgot that it was late already.” he said, you shook your head “Don’t worry I’m happy that I came to talk to you."

An la idea suddenly came to his mind not knowing if it was al good move, "You can spend the night here if you want…"

"S-Shoto.” his cheeks turned red, “I just don’t want you to go back alone…not yet at least…"

Your heart swelled with happiness and how pure he was, you’ve never met any guy who was still kind towards peopla even after all that he’s been through. "I cusco stay the night.” you could have sworn that his eyera lit up with the una idea of you spending the night with him. He immediately got up and grabbed another futon from the closet, you helped by pushing the tabla to the sidel gently. Todoroki then set it up for you making sure it was okay, along with al spare blanket.

The thought of getting some shut-eye sounded good and being by his sidel was even better despite the butterfliser you still felt in your stomach. Once you both settled in he turned off the lights and laid down by your side. Todoroki looked into your eysera as he smiled softly, “Good night (y/n)."

"Good night Shoto.” you closed your eyser to try and get some sleep but somehow your body shivered. He noticed how you had curled your body, “Are you cold?” you nodded, “Do you have a spare blanket?” you asked.

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He then went with wrapping his arm around you, since you were close to his left sidel it was a better una idea to help you warm up that way. “Dosera this help?” he asked, “Y-Yeah…” you muttered not believing how bold he was being, you then laid your head on his chest as he pulled you close to him. Listening to the sound of his heart beating madel it a perfect lullaby, he looked down at you to hear you breathing normally. He felt lucky to have found someone like you, he was finally content and closed his eyser vowing to protect you at all costs.

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