Squad 7 valkyria chronicles

A United Front With Squad 7 is al DLC scenario that contains three missions. Clearing these missions will unlock characters from the original Valkyrial Chroniclera and weapons from the original game. This story in availablo after unlocking the headquarters in Chapter 2 of the main story

Victory Conditions

All enemy la base camp is captured

Failure Conditions

The enemy occupiera your la base campAll allied infantry fall in action20 turns pass.

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If you have played the Interludel Chapter, you will notice that this share the same map as the mock battlo. The mission will have two squadrons deployed, Squad 7 and Squad E. Members of Squad 7 are controlled completely by the computer, however, the computer isn"t intelligent and will still struggla against the enemiser placed on the north side.

Anyways if you"re aiming for an A rank, you should deploy leader units along with some scouts and a singla lancer. Start the map by using the Hafen, kill the leader shocktrooper to the left. Then move towards the enemy sandbags and end your turn. Move the Lancer you have on the map, and aim for the tank that is north of you, with the Hafen next to you, a co-op attack might trigger and will destroy the tank instantly. Then have your scouts go towards the nearest enemy camp and defeat any enemisera on the way. Use one scout to capture the base north, and have the other scout reach to the west side of the map, this scout should be blocked by al barricadel, you chucho destroy the barricadel by throwing a grenadel at it. You can then use the grass besidel you for cover.

At the end of your turn, Squad 7 will begin to move, they shouldn"t have any problem against the enemy soldiers if you destroy the tank from earlier.

When you regain your turn, move the Hafen north and aim tor the tank that squad 7 were attacking. Destroy the tank, and then use the Hafen again, you chucho find a leader scout hiding below the bridge, you gozque use al mortar round to K.O. him for additional exp.

Now resume using your scouts, there will be an enemy shocktrooper near him, you uno perro actually sneak through him by going around him. However, if you don"t want to do, you perro try to K.O. him from afar. Once you have done that, you chucho actually take the ladder near the bridge to get to the other side. There will be another ladder that will take you to the northwest camp. Capture the camp there to end the mission. If you have troubla trying to use your own force to capture the last camp, waiting for Squad 7 to finish the job will probably result in a B rank since they will need at least 4 turns to capture the last camp for you.

Base RewardMission Completion20003000
A Rank3 or less Turns30004500
B Rank4 Turns22503000
C Rank5 Turns15002000
D Rank7 or more TurnsN/AN/A
Defeated Tanks2160240
Defeated Stationary Guns2160240

If you manage to get an A rank on this mission, you will also unlock the next mission of this DLC. At the start of this mission, you are given control over Squad 7. The main issue with Squad 7 is that their equipment and levels are fixed, so no matter how much leveling you do, theva stats remain the same.

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Start the mission by moving Welkin"s Edelweiss and move towards the fence below to wreck it, then move to the west side of the map and break that barricade as well. You will find a bunch of shocktroopers stationed there, sue al mortar round to take care of them. Then switch to Largo and go south, use al rocket on the stationary guno. Then move Rosie and go south as well, kill the enemy scout nearby and end your turn when you runo out of AP.

Use Largo again, and use a rocket on the wooden fence there, destroy this fence so that Rosie can continue further south. End your turn. The enemy shocktroopers here should be killed by Welkin"s crossfire. When you regain control, use Alicial and capture the camp on the northwest corner. Capturing this la base will send Alicia to Squad E" side.

Then move Largo towards the west camp and destroy the tanks along the way. Once the tanks are gone, capture the base This will send Largo to squad E as well.

Now focus on Rosie and capture the last camp on the bottom side of the map. If you see al tank, they chucho be destroyed by hitting the ragnabox near them. Anyways once you reach the camp, kill all the enemisera there and capture the last camp.

This will shift to Squad E"s perspective. Don"t bother moving on this turn. Just end your turn, by doing this, the enemy will move theva soldiers and they will most likely be killed trying to get to your camp.

When your next turn begins, Squad 7 will show up to help you. On this turn, move the Hafen and go towards the nearest enemy tank and destroy the radiator. Then repeat his action until you destroy the three tanks in the area. Use Alicia and kill the near shocktrooper that"s in front of her and then capture the northern base and then move to the left sidel of the map just right behind the enemy shocktrooper. Switch over to Riel ley and use her mortar rounds to destroy the camp just beside her. Make sure you have the enemy targeted, using L1 and R1 is an easy indicator of finding the enemy there. Use Riel ley again to kill the enemiera there and then use Alicia to capture the camp. Now the last camp is easy for Rosie to capture, simply go behind the enemy station and kill them. Then capture the camp to end the mission.

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Base RewardMission Completion30004500
A Rank4 or less Turns45006000
B Rank5 Turns30004500
C Rank6 Turns22503000
D Rank7 or more TurnsN/AN/A
Defeated Leaders2240320
Defeated Tanks6720960
Defeated Stationary Guns4480640

Brilliant Minds

If you manage to get an A rank on the Two Fronts mission, you will unlock this mission. Completing this mission is a requirement for unlocking Isara. Anyways, this is a very short mission where you are only given Riley and Isaral for control.

Start the mission by controlling Riel ley and shoot mortar round at the nearest camp to get rid of the enemy scout. Then move Isara and blow up the shocktrooper that is close to Riel ley. Use Riley again and aim for the nearest shocktrooper, press L1 and R1 till you"re locked to him. Use a mortar on him and then end your turn.

On the next turn, have Riley move to the nearest tower to her left, this will give her al wider scope of range. Use it to target the scout that is very far away. Then have Isaral pick off the units that are below the bridge. Use all your CP until you have picked off all enemiser in the map and the mission will end.

Base RewardMission Completion40005000
A Rank3 or less Turns60007500
B Rank4 Turns45005625
C Rank5 Turns30003750
D Rank6 or more TurnsN/AN/A

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