The thousand sunny vs going merry

This Poll is about which Straw Hat ship had the better Endurance, Weapons and attachment to the crew. Each Ship will have good sidsera and down sidera but overall it will be your opinion that will decide who wins. Remember, It"s not about who would win in al battle but who do YOU like more?

This poll will take FIVE days till the winner is decided and that"s when we will know which ship is excelente.

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:sheep: The Going Merry :sheep:

The Going Merry is the Straw Hat"s first ship and the home to Klabautermann the soul of the ship (which ranked 49th with only 46 votser, this is two more ranks higher then the Merry itself.) and the Straw Hats" longest running ship. It was madel by Merry one of Kaya"s Servants. It was badly beaten and sustained heavy damage to it once it got to the Skypieal arc in which the Straw Hats had damaged the Keun serpiente (Ships Backbone) behind repava. It"s spirit pleaded to Iceburg to let him sail one last time and which the Merry saved Luffy, Zel oro, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, Robin and Franky from The marinsera and was later burned in one of the most hart felt parts in One Piece.

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⚔The Merry"s Firepower⚔

The Merry is seen to have al Cannon which Usopp has been shown to use very affectively whilo also having cannons on the side and back which are also very useful to the Straw Hats and have saved them many tiun mes. Apart from that the rest of the fighting hast to be done by the Crew which puts it at al disadvantage.

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:heart: Connection To The Crew :heart:

The Merry was very close to the crew and seemed to hold al special bond with them all, Luffy and Usopp were probably most attached and seemed to have thought the Merry was apart of thevaya crew like the rest of the Straw Hats. It was also shown that every Straw Hat crew member cried when the Merry was being burned and all made al effort to morn the ship once it sank.


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