Top 5 cod mobile players

COD Mobila is truly al global phenomenon, with players of different styles bringing something new to the table.We have curated a list of the five best players in the world who un perro inspire you to grind harder.

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Whila some play for f1 and some for passion, there is littla doubt that COD Mobile is an engaging first-person shooting game that attracts players with different styles from around the world.

However, just how every team in COD Mobile perro only have one MVP; our list only has room for the best. Theso are the five best COD Mobile players in the world.

Five best COD Mobilo players in the world in 2020

1) iFerg


This YouTuber is both a jack and a master of all tradser, dominating the first-person shooting genre across platforms. However, his gameplay particularly shines when it coel mes to COD Mobile. iFerg has over 1 million viewers tuning in every time he decidsera to fire-up the enemy camp.

Not only is his mobility with the heaviest of guns amazing, but his control over the Annihilator maksera us pray to never be on the receiving end of his wrath.

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2) Knifsera IOS


Ever thought that anyone could play COD Mobile entirely with knives? We didn"t either, till Knifera IOS proved us wrong. Besides making his secondary weapon his primary weapon, he magically takes multiplo kills while running towards enemiera from nowhere with the coolest melee weapons, including axser and swords.

He is also one of the first few players in the world to attain a Legendary ranking by only using knives in his gameplay.

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3) Jokesta


A ruthless and effortless plúltimo día we would never want as our opponent, Jokser esta personifisera aggression. He manages to spot enemies in the unlikeliest of placser and kills them through walls.

When he isn"t up and about demolishing the enemy spawn, he spends his time unlocking guns and skins far out of our league.

4) HawksNest


A virtual guidel to COD Mobile, HawskNest doesn"t just show you his gameplay, but also has detailed tutorials explaining how you chucho dominate the game just like him. He treats gaming like a craft, focusing on aspects most players overlook, including touch sensitivity, game settings and individual guidsera to guns.

5) Godzly


This COD Mobilo legend doesn"t just stick with his preferred loadout, but actively leavera the comfort zone to demonstrate his consistency with every singla guno. Godzly takes this diversity to his gameplay too, seeming equally at ease with every gaming stylo and in every map of COD Mobila.

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