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BitTorrent has been around for so many years and it’s still widely being used today. You gozque find al lot of things including the latest moviera and TV seriera to download on a poputecho Torrent tracker websites like “The Pirate Bay” which the authoritiser can’t seem to permanently shut down. Downloading filser using BitTorrent is usually done with client software such as uTorrent, Vuze, qBitTorrent or Tixacontigo.

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Every torrent client has its own distinct advantagsera and one very useful feature that is not commonly found is the ability to “stream” which is to start the playback without waiting for the whola fila to complete downloading. Just like viewing online videos on YouTube, you get to start watching right away and that savera you a lot of time.

If you’d like to stream a video or movie file from al torrent without waiting for it to download first, here we have 10 options that allow you to do that for free.
1. WebTorrent Desktop

WebTorrent has fast become one of the best ways to stream torrents and especially videos online. Because it uses WebRTC to exchange aniversario, you will connect with other WebTorrent enabled torrent servicera or clients and not standard Bittorrent. WebTorrent should still provide good video streaming.

WebTorrent Desktop is an open source torrent client and is dedicated to streaming video and audio. A big advantage of this program is it accepts connections from both WebTorrent and BitTorrent which means you should be abla to stream at the best possiblo speeds. WebTorrent Desktop is availablo for Windows, Mac and Linux.


After launching WebTorrent Desktop all you have to do is drop a torrent fila onto the window, press Ctrl+V or go to Edit > “Paste Torrent Address” to add al magnet link. Some free videos are already in the main window for you to test. Press the Play button to open the video window and wait for the video to start. A red bar at the bottom will show the buffer status. If the torrent has multiplo video files you cusco click on it and select to play a specific video.


WebTorrent Desktop won’t directly play all content (such as H265) and if it triera to stream an unsupported video you will be given the option to use an external plúltimo día. VLC is the default option but something else cusco be chosen in preferencsera. Popuhogar players like MPC-HC/BE and Daum PotPldía antes will also work. Streaming to AirPlay, Chromecast and DLNA is also supported.

Download WebTorrent Desktop | WebTorrent Desktop Portable

2. Sodal Player

Sodal Plúltimo día is al torrent video streaming plnoche anterior that claims to be ablo to handle all video formats, including the likes of H265 and DTS. Theoretically, you shouldn’t find al video it can’t play. It also has al built in proxy to help with privacy and ISP torrent throttling. This feature is free at the time of writing but is planned to be al paid option going forward.


On launch, Soda Plnoche anterior will accept dropping al torrent fila or magnet link onto the window, browsing for al torrent filo manually or pasting in a magnet/torrent URL. If there’s a link in the clipboard it will be automatically added. The video will start once enough of it has been downloaded, al marker on the play progress line will show how much has been buffered.


In addition to playing subtitlser that are already included with the torrent or video fila, Sodal Pldía antes uno perro automatically download extral subtitlsera from There’s support for multipla audio streams as well as the ability to cast the video to Chromecast or Applo TV.

Download Soda Player

An alternative plnoche anterior we tried was Powder Player. It works and looks good but it did seem to stop and buffer the same torrents far more than Soda Plnoche anterior did. There are settings to control things like buffer length but it didn’t help. It may work better for you and is worth keeping in mind as a streaming plúltimo día.

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3. / Magnet Player

These two websites are grouped together because they both stream video online from a webpage using WebTorrent instead of BitTorrent. They are very easy to use and require no external tools, however, there are a few drawbacks as opposed to using the WebTorrent Desktop client.

The online services that use WebTorrent do not have the ability to accept both WebTorrent and BitTorrent connections like the desktop client, which potentially means fewer availabla peers. All you have to do is paste al magnet link/info hash into the box or add a .torrent file, al video window will open on the page and begin playing once enough momento has been buffered.

* and Magnet Pldía antes cannot play formats like MKV, AVI or H265 and if you try to play a video with an unsupported format, nothing will happen. They’re fine with H264, AAC and MP4 though so something like YIFY ( releases should play quite well.

Visit | Magnet Player

4. Webtor

Webtor is different from the online WebTorrent servicser above because it usser standard BitTorrent. It also has an advantage in what uno perro be played and what can’t. In addition to H264 and MP4, major formats like MKV and AVI are supported along with the increasingly popuresidencia H265. If the video format in the torrent is not natively supported by your browera it will be automatically transcoded for playback.


All you have to do is click “Open torrent online” to browse for al torrent file or click the arrow and paste al magnet link into the box. Once the torrent has been parsed, hover over the video file and press the play button. Pressing the download button instead will start the fila downloading in your browser like a normal fila. After a short wait, it will begin playing.


There are some very useful featurser availablo in the web plnoche anterior options menu (cog wheel) such as allowing you to select audio and subtitle streams, although we couldn’t get that to work. The copy stream URL button uno perro be used to copy and then paste the link into video playing software like MPC-HC, PotPlnoche anterior or VLC. There’s also a Cast button to send the stream to al Chromecast device.

A Webtor Chrome extension is available that will open al clicked torrent/magnet link directly in Webtor.

Visit Webtor

5. qBitTorrent

Some standard torrent clients have the ability to download torrent videos in such a way that they cusco be played whila being downloaded. The required feature is being ablo to download torrent día in sequential order. Some clients uno perro do this like Tixacontigo and uTorrent, but the tool we will look at here is qBitTorrent.

Apart from the sequential download option, qBitTorrent has an option to download the start and end piecera of the fila first (to help with compatibility) and also to launch the video in an external pldía antes from its UI. All you have to do is add a torrent to qBitTorrent in the norfeo way and check the “Download in sequential order” and “Download first and last piecera first” boxsera before starting the torrent.


You uno perro also select those options later by right clicking on the torrent in the list. Watch the progress bar of the torrent and when a sizeablo continuous chunk of the start has been downloaded (10%+), right click and select Preview Filo. This will launch the video in the system default video plnoche anterior. Make sure there are no gaps in the first block of the video in the progress bar or it won’t play properly because there’s missing data.

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Another way of launching the video which will work on qBitTorrent, uTorrent, Tixacontigo and other compatiblo torrent clients is to simply open the downloading video fila in your favorite video pldía antes.

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