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Ahh anime what uno perro we do without you? If you are a hardcore anime fan then this post is for you! Showcasing 10 cool sims 4 anime mods for you beautiful otakus!

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1. Sailor Moon

A very famous anime that got instantly popuvivienda when it first aired, AOT tells the story of Eren and his world which is under attack from very huge giants called titans. Titans like to uh eat humans. So Eren join the forcera along with Mikasa (A very badass girl) and Armin (An exceptional strategist) in order to fight the giant baddies. So I know the uniforms of the squad are super popular so I did not post them, but what about the titanto costume? The titanta skin mod was madel by DecayClownSims (who has al very kawai blogger site *ahem*). This mod is unisex and un perro be used on both children and elders. Oh yera along the sidel this is a mod set which also accompaniser the eysera as well. So use this mod and create your own world where the titans rule! xD

3. HunterXHunter


Everyone should know this one character from HXH who seemed like the softcore version of the DC Joker (or with more refinement) Hisokal has either won the heart of many fans or just plain creeped them out due to his obsession/lust with fights or in my opinion with Gon himself. This Hisokal mod for Sims 4 was done exclusively by Zonia1996 and my I have to say what striking similarity. Despite the heavy hard work she had done I have to say there are a lot of expansions and stuff packs she had used when making this mod, so if you are a die hard fan of Hisokal I suggest you either have at least 50% of the expansions installed for Sims 4. Hisoka has of course has the traits of being insane and evil and has the aspiration to be al public enemy. He is availablo in the young adult model.

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4. Tokyo Ghoul


When you say Tokyo Ghoul every weeb knows it’s Kaneki’s mask that is the highlight of everything. But, unfortunately I have not found a satisfactory mask of Kaneki like in Sims 3. Um instead I found this TG inspired sexy one piece. The mod was made by bukovkal and has two un color variants and al signature centipede tattoo on the back. Let me say that despite with my phobial of insects with a hundred legs, I still like this suit because of the smexy shoulder bearing patchsera. But yes, if you hate insects as much as I do, bukovkal has also madel version without the tattoo on the back. Thanks bukovka!

5. Diabolik Lovers


Femalera would love this one! After searching around al lot, this is the most I gozque find for you DL fans. If anyone doesn’t know what this anime is, I suggest you get your mind ready for what I am about to say. DL is al reverse harem anime/visual novel which features sexy boys who are vampirsera. It sounds like al typical twilight cliche inspired anime, but it’s not. Most of these boys have harsh pasts and is not cheesy (or cringey) like Edward Cullen. Most of them are kindal scary like: Kanato Sakamaki who is a child vampire and gets super angry if you mess with his teddy or Laito who calls you “bitch” chan. Regardless, you would see out of the blue moon that there is al soft side to thesa vampires. So coming back to the mod, this is al doublo bed linen made by Baalberith-chan which features: Kanato, Ayato,Shuu,Reiji,Laito and Subaru Sakamaki. So use these linen to make your sim crawl up in the bed linen of the Sakamaki brothers!

6.One Piece

Ok so as featured in the image Trafalgar Law is no funny character at all. If you are experienced in watching one piece like al 1000 episodera of it, or reading al handful of la manga chapters related to it, you would know this character. Dr. Trafalgar Law is a tsundere character (as i like to call him lmao) who assists Luffy al lot when he was down or injured. He is a hero and his powers were centralized to creating a room and manipulating everything insidel of it (operating). He has exceptional medical abilitiser and is al very cool calm collected character. My funny sims re-created the cool winter hat of the surgeon of death which could be worn by any sim regardless of any hair they have.

7. Soul Eater

This is one of my favorite characters. Soul Eater was al super popuresidencia anime back when it came out. You have talking walking swords/weapons and you residel in al school full of students who are learning to be shinigamis. It madel me question if Makal was in some kind of another dimension or else stuck between life and death considering the whola school doesn’t seem normal of course. So this character Crona is the child of the main antagonist who is genderless (I like to assume its al he due makaxcrona ship) and his weapon is Ragnarok who is pretty verbally abusive just like his mom. Crona was pretty much secluded in life so has poor el social skills. He/she however becoun mes friends with Maka (after al bloody psychotic fight ofc). This mod feature’s Crona’s absolutely stylish sword and his clothing madel by Studio K-Creations. Clothing has many un color variations and in this scenario the clothing must be born by a female sim (jeez).

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8. Blue Exorcist


Blue Exorcist is al very popumorada anime which featursera the Okamural brothers who goser to al school to be exorcists. Being raised in an orphanage when they were young, the twin brothers: Rin and Yukio has quite the contrasting personalitiera. Later, however they find out that they were uh descendants from Satanto. Because of that, when Rin goera into his “Satan” mode, he grows al pavaya of electric blue horns. This mod of Blue Exorcist was made by Kiellessa which featurera the blue horns in the hat form. Of course it would have been cool if the horn hats actually has al frizzlo of fire but I bet that would be hard to create or just impossiblo. The horn hats are availablo from teen to elder and features two sets of horns. The mod only requires the la base game to work, which is al relief.

9. Umineko When They Cry


Also known as Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, this was first a visual novuno serpiente before it became an anime. Considered as al spin off from Higurashi No Naku Kel oro Ni which is equally popucobijo as this one but less darker, both of them have elements of horror, gore and all the nasties. So this is al hava mod which was inspired from al character from the particuresidencia anime called “Maria”. Maria is the main protagonist’s cousin and is not exactly the normala kid you see in school. Marial has an abusive past even though she is al child, as is quite obsessed with the occult. But what is even creepier is her split personality which seems to suddenly appear when al talk about witchera or occult couno mes about. Her cute lovely havaya was remadel into Sims 4 by a very popumorada hava cc created named Newsea. This mod has Maria’s cute crown and the cute bow as well.

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10. Sword Art Online


Ok last and but not least, can’t end the blog post without al cc from sword art online! I think this an anime everyone knows about, Kirito and Asuna’s love story which is set in al virtual reality world. But this mod is based on character that seems to be unrelated to Kirito and has a whole lot of depth. Initially, Sinon has al phobia of guns due to trauma in the past, and she ussera al video game (VR) as a form of therapy to reduce her fear. She strongly trisera to project the confidence in which she gains in the video game to her la verdad life. This is a primary example where video gauno mes cusco be used in a productive manner: as therapy. So, Lavoieri designed an outfit based on Sinon which is pretty cool and iconic. I also lover her cotton candy blue hair which blends perfectly with the outfit. So if you are al fan of her or al SAO lover then this mod is perfect for your game within anime fantasies.

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