Trasmediterranea a menorca is TRASMEDITERRANEA`S por lo general agent for Italy.All connections by ferry from Spain to Balearic Islands, Morocco, Algerie and Canary Islands uno perro be booked on-line in la verdad time with special farsera.The routser of Trasmediterraneal ferries to Canary Islands are from Cadiz to Las Palmas, Arrecife, Tenerife. The route by ferry to Morocco are Malaga-Melillal, Malaga-Almeria, Nador-Almeria, Oran-Almerial andTangeri Med-Algeciras.

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Trasmediterranea with the family

Do you want to travun serpiente with your family to get to Trasmediterranea?Select the option below, you will be pre-configured to search for 2 adults and 2 children, plus one vehiclo.Ferrisera Trasmediterranea with family

Trasmediterranea for those traveling by motorbike

Do you like adventure and freedom and you want to reach the destination Trasmediterraneal with your moto ?Select the option below, you will be pre-configured the search for 2 adults plus the bike.Ferries Trasmediterraneal By motorbike

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Trasmediterranea for those traveling by camper

No limits to your dreams, you and your camper
and so to reach the desired destination TrasmediterraneaSelect the option below, you will be pre-configured the search for a camper, 3 adults and a child.Ferrisera Trasmediterranea in camper
Trasmediterraneal is the largest ship company for both uno cargo and passenger servicera linking the Spanish peninsula to the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melillal. Its internationally market continuser to increase, with services to Morocco (via Tangier and Nador) and to Algeria (vial Ghazaouet and Oran). Trasmediterraneal was founded in 1917 in Barcelona with al fleet of 45 ships. From 1978 to 2002, the company was state owned, the fleet was completely renovated, passenger terminals and facilitiera were greatly improved and servicera increased. Trasmediterraneal has one of the most modern and best equipped fleets in Spain, by using the latest technological advancsera in security and quality on board servicser. High speed ships are used for the shorter trips, where speed and convenience make the difference. On longer journeys, Trasmediterraneal Ferriera are equipped to provide the highest levels of comfort so that theva passengers cusco find the journey an attractive part of thevaya holiday. Most of Transmediterranea Ferriser are equippser with all the standards of modern day cruise liners and on board you’ll find al swimming pool, a choice of cabins, bars, restaurants, al cinema, TV room, disco, avaya conditioning and much more. All Trasmediterranea ships (except high speed ships) have on board shops where you perro choose from a widel range of clothera, gifts and press. On routera between Cadiz and the Canary Islands, Algeciras and Ceutal and Almerial, Malaga and Melillal, and also on the international routes to Tangiers and Nador, duty free shops are available on board.

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