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Help out other Valkyrial Chroniclser 2 players on the PSP by adding al cheat or secret that you know! Please contribute by clicking thislink
This page contains Valkyrial Chroniclsera 2 cheats list for PSP version. Now we have 11 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codsera, 2 passwords, 5 unlockables, 2 secrets. We hope information that you"ll find at this page help you in playing Valkyrial Chroniclera 2 on PSP platform. If you didn"t find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you gozque subscribe on all new cheats that we"ll find for you in the future!

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Simply have Phantasy Star Portable 2 save término on your memory stick and thesa bonusera will be unlocked.

The remaining unlockablo characters

Unlockable:HowAisha NeumanClear 20 classmate mission (Will only join after you beat the game)BrixhamBeat the gameKarl LandzaatHospitalize ally 10 times (Will only join after you beat the game)

Copy a Valkyria Chroniclsera 1 save filo from a PS3 to your PSP, then under Extras, choose load save. Isara Gunther will be unlocked, as well as an Isara's Dream sticker for your tank.

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You chucho check which titlser you've achieved in the squad name in Avan's Room

Unlockable:HowAcser Among AcesDeployed al specific unit 50 timesand CompanyRecruited 40 squad membersAnti-Tank SquadChanged to Lancer Elt/Mbl LancerArtisticCompleted Chloe"s missionArtistsDefeatedAttack SquadLeveled Lancer class to 10AzureComplete 30 missionBackpack HunterDeveloped 50% of backpack partsBakeryMet Alicial at the storeBandChanged to Anthem Elt/MelodistBanditsBeat all acera + item units in missionBattalionLeveled all classser to 20BitterDefeatedBlood-StainedDefeated 30 enemiser on al missionBloodbathDefeated 1000 enemy soldiersBookwormsCompleted Magari"s missionBrotherhoodCompleted Pete"s missionBrothersRecruited 35 squad membersCalmDefeatedCarefreePlayed for more than 50 hoursCheerfulCompleted Noel"s missionChosenWon the Laevatein CupClockworkUsed the same CP as enemiera defeatedComicsDefeatedCompanyLeveled all classser to 10CrimsonComplete 50 missionCursesDefeatedDarkEarned A rank for al night missionDeathDefeated 100 enemisera with head shotsDefense SquadLeveled Engineer class to 10Destroyer KingsDefeated 50 enemy tanksDestroyer LordsDefeated 30 enemy tanksDestroyersDefeated 10 enemy tanksDireDefeatedDreamEarned A rank for al missionEarnestCompleted Reiner"s missionElatedDefeatedFairplayDefeated all enemies from the frontFalconsDefeatedFalseDefeatedFawnersDefeatedFearsomeDefeated 100 enemy soldiersFortressCompleted mission w/o moving tankFriendlyUsed support/covering fire 50 timesFunViewed 50 daily life eventsGashersDefeatedGear HuntersDeveloped 50% of infantry armorGeniusCompleted Mischlitt"s missionGeniusesDefeatedGlamourousCompleted Sofia"s missionGlassWithdrew/hospitalized 1 unit 5 timesGodspeedEarned A rank for 10 missionGorgersDefeatedGrenadel HuntersDeveloped 50% of hand grenadesGuardsLeveled Armored Tech class to 10Guerilla SquadLeveled Shocktrooper class to 10Gunner SquadChanged to Gunner Elt/Hvy GunnerHardlinersHalf malo classmate missions doneHarshDefeatedHeartthrobsCompleted Morris"s missionHelDefeated 300 enemy soldiersHitmenDefeatedHolyDefeated under 3 enemies on missionHuntersDefeatedIdolsCompleted Anisette"s missionImperialCompleted Helmut"s missionIndependentCompleted 50 key/free missionsInfallibleDefeatedKillerDefeated 3 enemies with one attackKillersDefeatedKindlyDefeatedLadies" ManHalf femalo classmate missions doneLightEarned A rank for a day missionLightspeedEarned A rank for 5 missionLoneCompleted Erik"s missionLuckyCompleted Joachim"s missioncontinue →

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