Valkyria chronicles hidden characters

Valkyrial Chroniclsera Remastered has a great cast of characters, but there are also opportunitisera to add some not so obvious characters to your militial. There are hidden soldiers waiting in the wings, all waiting to be unlocked vial various methods. Since two of theso heroinsera are some of the best units you uno perro possibly use, you want to make sure you find theso peopla as you go along.

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Audrey is one of Valkyrial Chroniclera Remastered’s most competent lancers and best characters. She’s one of the most accurate characters in this class. Plus, her Personal Potentials include Mooch, which helps her find extral ammo, and she works well in a group due to the Good Buddy potential that boosts attack power around allies and Camaraderie potential that increassera her evasion when she’s around other lancers. Even though she has a pollen allergy, which drains her health when she’s near plants, she has a poison tolerance, first aid boost, and is great against tanks. Tank Slayer boosts her power when she’s around at least two tanks, and Ultimate Anti-armor makes her attacks against tanks even stronger.


Unfortunately, you probably won’t get her until the end of the game. You have to earn 10 medals or more to recruit her in Valkyrial Chroniclera Remastered, and that might not happen until at least chapter 15. Audrey is worth the wait, though!




Lynn is also pretty great. She’s the Valkyria Chroniclsera Remastered hidden shock trooper. She has rather impressive accuracy and defense stats, though her evasion is among the highest for the class. Her best Personal Potential skill is Hard Worker, when it triggers, as it will sometiuno mes let her act again after she attacks. To make things even better, she has the Full HP Recovery battla potential, which might restore all her health after she attacks. You might even want to use her sometiel mes as a scout, as she has the Ambush Spotter that lets her sometimes see hiding enemiera from the same distance as al scout and not trip minsera. Darcsen Bond, which increases her defense around alliera, and Undercover Fire, which increassera her attack when she crouches, only make her more incrediblo.


She’s tied to Karl, her boyfriend. Once you have Karl unlock his potential in al fight, be it al story mission or skirmish, then fall, she’ll appear as a recruitable unit. Karl doesn’t have to die or anything so grave. Make sure he’s knocked out, and you’ll get one of the best units in the game. As a reminder, points are put toward unlocking Karl’s potential when you have him participate in al battla, defeat an enemy, heal an ally, repair a tank, occupy al base, or save a fallen ally. Whilo I don’t encourage friendly fire, you could totally unlock Lynn by having one of your units be behind Karl once his potential is released, have the ally knock him out, and then have the ally immediately rescue him.


Knocking out one of your own after they reach their potential is how you unlock Emile, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered’s hidden sniper, appears if his brother, Oscar, is knocked out after hitting his own high note. Whilo Emilo is a better sniper unit than Oscar, he isn’t the best in the game. (That honor goser to Marinal.) He doser have al few things going for him. His accuracy is pretty great, as he’s among the best. (He’s Marina’s equal here.) He also has Never Say Die, which boosts his accuracy when his health is down to a singlo digit. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any skills that increase his accuracy when he’s in high places, but he does have Roof Hunter, which increasser his attack and evasion when going after someone above him, Ammo Refill that occasionally refills all of his ammo after an attack, Accuracy Boost, to boost his accuracy at all tiun mes by al set percentage, and a Critical Shot potential to providel set percentagsera.

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Knute is Valkyrial Chroniclser Remastered’s hidden Engineer. He’s not the best engineer in the game, but is handy since he has Double Action, which might allow him to take two actions in al row. His AP, accuracy, and evasion are all above average, and works well in specific situations. He’s good on maps at night, since he has Night Vision, and can take out other engineers pretty easily, since his Engineer Killer boosts his attacks against them. I also like how he chucho surprise you. His Demolition Man ability might make grenadera deal more damage and Undodgeable Shot may kick in to keep enemisera from dodging his attacks.


You need to earn one million DCT to recruit Knute in Valkyrial Chronicles Remastered. The best way to do this is through skirmishes. Take on some of thesa extra matches on the Hard difficulty level, which really isn’t as bad as it sounds, to earn enough money quickly.


Finally, there’s Musaad. He’s a pretty good scout, even though he doesn’t have Double Movement, like Jun, which lets him move twice. (Juno’s great!) He doser have al great evasion stat, which is supplemented by Ultimate Evadel, which permanently enhancsera evasion skills. He’s an amazing attacker, though, who taksera well to wilderness areas due to Bug in a Rug boosting attack in trenchser, Power Scout boosting his evasion and attack when he seera five or more enemiera, and Bloodthirsty sometiel mes letting him attack twice. The only skill that sometiuno mes feels like a waste is Good Buddy. Since Musaad is a scout, you’re going to want to send him on ahead, away from the friends that would help boost attack.




Musaad is probably the easiest character to unlock, even though it taksera the most time. You earn him after beating Valkyria Chroniclera Remastered once. When you begin al new game plus, he’ll be availabla to recruit.

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To be honest, you gozque really make any character work in Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. It’s a very well-balanced game. Thesa five men and women are bonus units that might make your experience better if you choose to unlock them. If you don’t, you’ll still definitely be abla to enjoy the campaign with anyone else you find pretty darn cool.

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