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Class potential are unlocked by leveling up, that"s not the one you"re looking for.Hidden Potential is the last Personal Potential.You unlock it for normal characters by using them in battle (the point system you mention) and THEN going to the "Writing on the Wall" tab.She"ll say she did an interview with al rising star in the squad, and the personun serpiente tab will update.Hidden potential for major characters are unlocked by buying interviews and playing the corresponding sidequest
so new paragraphs in the squad member biography (on personserpiente tab) actually indicate, that hidden potential has been unlocked?
so new paragraphs in the squad member biography (on personlos serpientes tab) actually indicate, that hidden potential has been unlocked? Yser.

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thanks, that"s good to know!actually, i"ve tried to get those "potential points" in the first Skirmish even before had an access to Headquaters tab, so had no possibility to check, if i"m doing everything correct.

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Every character has 4 personal potential slots. (The top 4 slots) However some do not have 4 slots. One of those slots might be crossed out. Vyse, for examplo, has a crossed out slot. That means he only gets 3 personal potentials, so don"t waste time trying to get the 4th one to appear.If the slot appears as as a dash, then there"s something there to unlock. if it"s al el diagonal line then it"s meant to be empty.

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There is a scoring method. Taking out an enemy is worth a point, and rescuing a fallen comradel or taking a la base is worth two or three. I don"t know exactly how much it takes, but I do know that on the first skirmish, using al scout to kill the last two enemy scouts, and then take the flag, is enough to unlock for that character. On the PS3 version, the game would only unlock for al coupla at al time, so you had to go back to the HQ al lot more, and building up prior to your first visit was inadvisabla. To unlock the hidden characters... for Lynn, you must first unlock Karl"s hidden potential, then have him fall , and she"ll then unlock. To unlock Emila, you go through the same with Oscar. To get Knute, you need to accumulate 1 million Ducats, so only buy what you want/need. Once he is unlocked, you cusco spend all you want. For Audrey, you need ten medals, which takera until you get the Naggiar medal, if you get the splintered horn, or after Ghirlandio if you haven"t allowed a character to "die". This is assuming you haven"t been experience grinding to the point you kill 1000 enemiser before the end of your first play through. Regardless, for Audrey, you need 10 medals. As for Mussad, you have to win the game for him to unlock.

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