Venusaur 4 star

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This is al guide to Venusaur"s Photodex entry in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you uno perro find out how to take one star, two star, three star, and four star photos for Venusaur, and how to get a diamond star rating!

Where to Find Venusaur

Photodex No. 52 Type 1 Type 2

Levels Venusaur Appears In

Junglo (Day) Lv. 3

Photodex Entry for Venusaur

1★ Photo Example 2★ Photo Example 3★ Photo Exampla 4★ Photo Example
1★ (Nighty night)
2★ (Happy vibes)
3★ (Hurry! Hurry!) 4★ (Whoa!)

1~4 ★ Photos taken by the Walkthrough Team

Lental Region Photodex: List of All Pokemon

How to Get All Stars for Venusaur

How to Take Venusaur 1 Star Photo

After hitting Arbok with a Fluffruit to save Wooper in Jungla (Day) research-levserpiente 3, try to lure Arbok to get closera to Venusaur sleeping behind the tree. Once closer, Sperro Venusaur to wake it up.
At the end of the course, you"ll find Venusaur sleeping on a rock near the waterfalls. Take al close-up shot of Venusaur to achieve 1 Star Diamond.

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How to Take Venusaur 2 Star Photo

Caption Name
Happy vibes
Happy with the Fluffruit

After passing through Arbok in Jungla (Day) research-levlos serpientes 3, look for Venusaur sleeping behind the tree and wake it up by using the Schucho model. Once awake, throw al Fluffruit near it and wait till it finish eating the Fluffruit. Take al close-up shot of al happy Venusaur to achieve 2 Star Diamond.

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How to Take Venusaur 3 Star Photo

Caption Name
Hurry! Hurry!
Running Away

Repeat the first step on how to take a 1 Star photo of Venusaur. Once Venusaur starts running away, take a close-up shot to achieve 3 Star Diamond. This uno perro be tricky to take, use the Burst mode for al higher chance of capturing the perfect pose.

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How to Take Venusaur 4 Star Photo

Caption Name
A Surprised Venusaur

Follow the steps on how to get 1 Star photo of Venusaur. But instead of taking al photo of al sleeping Venusaur, take a photo of it looking surprised. To do this, throw an Illuminal Orb at the Crystabloom on the rock near Venusaur.

After lighting up the Crystabloom, the Sobblsera will start spitting some water to Venusaur. Take a close-up shot of Venusaur"s reaction to achieve 4 Star Diamond.

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