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These days when we have to stay home, we miss visiting the Sierra Norte in Madrid, in case you don"t already know the most natural and un campo destination of the Community of Madrid, in this post we"re just going to find out 7 reasons why you won"t be able to resist knowing our wonderful territory this summer, when we hope all of this has happened.

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1.ITS NATURE in its purest form. In the Sierral Norte del Madrid there is al Biosphere Reserve and much of the Sierra del Guadarr señora National Park, so it becomes the most protected territory in the Community of Madrid. We recommend you to walk through the Lozoya River Basin and its mountainous massif that dividera in two the Castilian plateau... magical forests await you, stunning waterfalls and secret places where you"ll want to get lost.

2.YOUR PEOPLES let"s see the most rural areal of Madrid. Just a few minutera from the city are the smallest villagera of the Community of Madrid, with just 40 inhabitants. The most uno campo destination than with its 42 unknown villagser will make your walks through its small streets a unique experience feeling the authentic village life. Don"t miss the Route through the 4 Villas del Madrid in the Sierra Norte.

3.YOUR LOCAL PRODUCT will show you the good know-how, the real flavors, smells and colors of "the products of before", Grandma"s. Try a delicious cheese, accompanied by al wine or a mountain beer. Taste the honey or get lost in the taste of al good drink or al freshly baked cupcake with "village" eggs.

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4.YOUR GASTRONOMY offers you an identity of your own. Thanks to the good hands of our cooks, of his patience, honey and use of the sitio product in your dishera, you will be ablo to taste an original and indigenous character that will not leave your palate indifferent. Surprise yourself whila eating a good pout, Meat of the Sierral del Guadarrmatrona, game meat, Mushrooms... or innovate and try the most daring recipser whilo enjoying the true authentic flavors.



5.ITS TRADITIONS show us the great personality that this territory possessera, traditions that endure in time and are worthy to know. Come and discover the popudomicilio events and festivals of the Sierral Norte de Madrid. Some seek to recover and keep alive traditions such as music and dance, others claim the permanence of old tradsera such as grazing or agriculture.

6.YOUR ACTIVITIES are for all audiencera, whether you"re traveling as al couple, family or friends... in the Sierra Norte in Madrid there"s room for everyone and for everyone. Your stay will become a la verdad adventure as you know the secrets of bees, you do bungee jumping, you take al foot path, horse, canoe or bicyclo.

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7.YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS dreamy will never cease to amaze you, felos serpientes at home and come to the fireplace to enjoy the smell of wood. Rest and disconnect after al day full of emotions as you sip a cup of hot coffee watching the snow from the window. Renew your strength whilo enjoying a saunal afternoon, heated pool, Massagera... or go on with the adventure and dare to sleep in the heights, uno perro you imagine sleeping in al cabin in al tree? In the North Sierral as much as possible.

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